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Photography Classes this February at Mackinaw Area Public Library

In mid-February I begin a five-part photography series at the Mackinaw Area Public Library and you are invited to attend.

The series begins on Friday February 16, 2018, with a two-hour presentation: How to Make Great Photos. On the following Friday, February 23rd, I start a four-part basic digital photography class designed for the beginning photographer.

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Here is a synopsis of all five sessions:

Photography Workshop – How to Make Great Photos – Friday February 16, 2018
In this presentation I will show the basic steps needed to “make” -not just “take”-a photo. Information that can move your photography from “good” to “great.” Bring your camera and instruction manual. (This class is free, courtesy of the Mackinaw Area Public Library.)

Class #1 Digital Photography Basics – Friday February 23, 2018
As the title states, in this class we explore the basics you need to know about digital cameras and photography. Topics start with photo terminology, digital camera features and functions. Then we explore how the digital sensor, shutter speed, aperture size and light work together to make a photo image. I discuss how color temperature and white balance affect your images; how and when to use auto modes or preset scene modes and the most important items to have in your camera bag. If you have a digital camera, bring it and the instruction manual to class.


Class #2 Photo Composition & Creativity – Friday March 2, 2018
The second class begins with a discussion on six photo characteristics that add visual appeal to your images. Then I show how to place the subject in way that adds additional interest in your photos. Next we discuss how to frame, balance and simplify your images; steady the shot; change camera settings that change the look of your photo and when and where to use flash. We look at some “bad” photos and discuss how to improve them. We look at many more “good” photos to inspire your creativity.  If you want to learn how to create photos that impress your family and friends, this is your class.Welihan 20160728 Lighthouse Crusie-6471

Class #3 Camera to Computer – Image Organization and Storage – Friday March 9, 2018
People have told me this is the class they wish they attended before downloading their first images. Why? Because they have no idea where images are stored in their computer and, worst of all, where to find them.  That problem is fixed with this class. You will learn how to move images from camera to computer and how to effectively set up a system for photo storage and retrieval. I discuss why keywords and tags are important and demonstrate an easy-to-use and free photo management program. If you have images in your camera or computer and don’t know what to do next, this class is for you.

Class #4 Presentations, Prints, Smartphone Use and a Friendly Critique – Friday March 16, 2018
I will show how to create photo presentations that can be set to music, photo books for gifts or to display on your coffee table and the best way to make your own prints. (Remember prints?)  It’s said the best camera is the one that’s with you and for most people that is a smartphone.  And while the average person take 150 photos a month with a smartphone, most of those images are just… average.  Learn tips and tricks that improve your smartphone photos.  We end the class with a slide show of images made by class participants. You do not have to submit photos to attend, but it will be more fun if you do.

untitled-7029During the first class, we will schedule an afternoon or early evening photo shoot to be held between the second and fourth classes.  This will give students the opportunity to practice newfound techniques. There is no charge for the photo shoot, but you must enroll in the first or second class to attend.

The workshop and classes are limited to twenty students and pre-registration is required. The workshop is free. There is a modest cost for each class that is paid to the library.  Attendance at all four classes is not required, but each class builds on information covered in previous classes and so I strongly recommend students attend all four classes.

To register for the Mackinaw Area Public Library class call:  (231) 627-2381.

Hope to see you there…   Dan Welihan


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