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The Sweet Smell (and Taste) of Success

Welihan 20140419 Bread-9467


An Easter highlights at our home has always been homemade sweet bread.  There may be another name for it, but Joanne follows an old family recipe and that’s all the family has ever called it.  If there’s another name, we don’t know it.

Joanne use to make the bread a few days before Easter.  But, now the kids are grown.  Most are living downstate with kids of their own and there’s not the same rush to get bread made.  So yesterday afternoon she pulled out her mixer and baking pans and started the annual bread making process.

Once the dough is mixed, kneaded and placed in pans the loaves begin to rise and our home fills with that unmistakable yeasty aroma.  It’s second only to the smell of the bread baking in the oven.

Joanne doesn’t make as many loaves as when the kids were home, but she makes enough for us to enjoy for several days.  She freezes a few loaves, so we can have it for another month or so by raiding the freezer.  She also gave a couple loaves to neighbors, so she still makes quite a bit.

The bread is great warm and just a few minutes out of the oven.  It makes great toast for breakfast slathered with strawberry-rhubarb jam and is actually just great any time.  Like right now!

I’m done here and heading for the kitchen for a slice… maybe two.


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