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The Power of Positive Publishing

When I started this blog, I wrote that I just might veer off course from time-to-time and write about things other than photography.  This is one of those times.  I’d like to tell you about two websites that I think are unique and worthy of a look: and  “Celebrate What’s Right” will take just a few minutes a week to view and read.  (Unless you read and enjoy the previous posts.)  “TED” on the other hand, may pull you in for hours at a time…

tedtalks has been around for since 2005.  TED (Which stands for technology, entertainment and design.) began in 1984 as a conference in Monterey California.  Speakers for the first TED conference came from the worlds of (You guessed it.) technology, entertainment and design.  It was six years before the second TED conference was held and the list of presenters expanded to scientists, philanthropists, philosophers, religious leaders, musicians and more.

In 2005 the TED website was launched and hundreds of “TED Talks” as they are called that had been previously heard only by guests invited to the conference were available at the website for free.


The premise is simple.  A TED Talk can be no longer than eighteen minutes and cover one subject.  It would honestly take too many pages to write a list of the interesting and thought provoking speakers and subjects that can be seen and heard at  If you have ever thought there is nothing good happening in the world, you are wrong.  Search TED and see for yourself.  You will be amazed by the ideas and diversity of the presentations.  For those who live away from a computer there are TED podcast for your iPod or smartphone, many public radio stations carry weekly TED programs and Netflix streams TED Talks online.

Celebrate What’s Right in the World is the brainchild of award winning former National Geographic photographer, writer and Academy Award nominated filmmaker Dewitt Jones.  For many years Jones has used his photography and stories of his travels as the basis for his motivational speaking career.  Recently he created Celebrate.  There are daily facebook postings, weekly emails, a blog and the website with videos he has created.  You may enjoy a quick look at the work he has posted or you may want to subscribe to all of it.  What you will find are positive words that celebrate good in the world and terrific photography to inspire the photographer within you.Jones-Dewitt-Large

As I am writing this blog a new Celebrate post reached my computer.  It is titled, The Power of Words and written by contributor Lynne Sheppard.  It began like this:  “An embarrassment of riches, a flood of responses, a deluge of requests, a whirlwind of activity. I wonder sometimes if it is more than the news that afflicts us in a negative way. How we use language might affect us adversely as well, acting as a barrier to celebration.” 

I’m signing off now and am going to read the new blog post.  I hope you will to.


PS. I hope TED Talks and Jones forgive me for pirating the images from the Internet…


Cheboygan Area Photography Club Starts May 23…

At the encouragement of several of my photography students, with the offer to help from friends and because I’ve kicked the idea around for a while myself, I’m starting a photography club.  An organizational meeting for the club will be held at the Cheboygan Area Public Library on Thursday May 23, 2013.  The meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. and is open to anyone interested in photography. 

I know there are many avid photographers in the Cheboygan area.  They have attended my classes and I’ve seen the photos of many good photographers around Cheboygan.  I hope a photography club attracts a wide range of folks from beginners to professional photographers.  If in the process we learn a thing or two from each other, take some good pictures and have some fun along the way, then it will be a success.   

Sharing photo ideas and information, taking some photography day trips and the promotion of photography in the community seems to me like a good place to start.  As the club grows and evolves I am sure there will be other objectives and goals added.

To help at the first meeting, I asked my friend and neighbor, Neil Rankin, to talk about his life as a commercial photographer at Western Michigan University.  Over the years Neil has photographed two U.S. presidents, dozens of sports figures and covered hundreds of other events for Western.  Neil will show some of his work and tell us what it’s like to be a photographer on a college campus.

If you would like to join, but cannot attend this meeting, feel free to contact me or just wait until June.  We have meetings scheduled for the fourth Thursday of the month at the Library through August.


Whether you like to take photos of peaceful lakes or more inclined to search for wild animals, this club is for you…

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